Brainstorming and Drafting using a Digital Camera

Some references we found that might help you learn to use a digital camera better:…/All%20Grades/How%20to%20Use%20Your%20Digital%20Camera.ppt  Key Concepts

Once we learn to use a digital camera, we’ll need to learn how to use it for writing instruction.

 Cross curricular ideas:                                         

Some good ideas offered by Contra Costa County Office of Education

Brainstorming and Drafting Using Storyboards

It’s important that you choose a storyboard template that matches the type of media that you will be using.  We’ll need to come up with three storyboards during this session:

  • A day in the life of a teacher (digital story)
  • Weather [Science 2.6] (Podcast/newpaper ad)
  • Book Report (PowerPoint)

If you can’t find a template that’s already been created, you’ll need to make one. You can try the one below, or follow one of the links. 

Story Board template  

Hall Davidson has some templates        

KOCE-TV has a storyboard template

Lee summit storyboard template:

GA Department of Education Teacher Resource Center – Mulitmedia storyboard templates                                    

StoryBoard basics – How to explain storyboard to your students                     

Applets to try with your students when you introduce storyboarding:

Classroom Management with Technology

For a basic look at the components of what classroom management with technology should be, we’ll look at Nellie Deutch’s presentation. 

Next, we’ll drop by New York’s PBS channel Thirteen for a mini workshop on Best Practices in Managing Students with Computers

The Intel Education Initiative provides a little Q&A for us:

Recognizing that theory is great, but that we do need some practical suggestions, I suggest we take a look at what the folks at Kennesaw State University in Georgia are teaching: as well as what the Instructional Technology Coaches in Christina, Delaware have put together:

The Centre for Distance Learning and Innovation in Canada makes some good suggestions on several topics:

You may also want to take a look at a list compiled by some Australian teachers :

Is management going to be easy or difficult?  Will the results be worth the additional work up front?  Did any of the ideas appeal to you?