About the Camp

Get it W.R.I.T.E.  the Sequel is a camp for teachers at the elementary level. The purpose of the camp is to take an in depth look at the writing process and ways to integrate technology throughout the process.  Teachers will learn strategies to integrate Inspiration®, Blogging, Microsoft Movie Maker and digital cameras into classroom instruction. 

Participants will learn more about using graphic organizers by reading the book: “Inspiration in Language Arts –” by INSPIRATION.  Over the course of the four days, teachers will be guided through the creation of a technology integrated writing lesson.  At the conclusion of the experience, teachers will present a lesson plan that they have created that effectively integrates technology into the writing process. 

Summary of Activities 

  • Introduction to 21st Century Learning   
    • Learn to create projects for students that stress media literacy and incorporate the read/write web. 
  • Classroom Management and Technology
    • Discover strategies for managing technology when integrating computer applications in the classroom.   
  • Brainstorming and Drafting Tools
    • Find out how to transform brainstorming into appropriate organizers and to use the information captured to plan for visual images and video sequences. 
  • Editing and Revising Tools
    • Learn how to edit words and music to create the perfect match.  Use Audacity, Movie Maker, other tools to “cut” and “paste”. 
  • Exploring Publishing Options
    • Create projects designed for the new publishing options available on Web 2.0 

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