Day 1 Recap

Please tell us:

  • 3 things you learned that were interesting

  • 2 things that you might try in your classroom

  • 1 question that you still have

23 thoughts on “Day 1 Recap

  1. 3 things I found interesting:
    1-PPS will actually let us “post” to a blog without it being “seen” by official eyes! They trust me…they really really trust me!
    2- I loved the hyperlink idea for Inspiration. It is like a mini quest and something anyone can do!
    3- The mini cameras take the anxiety away of students deopping a $200 camera. The small cameras are inviting.
    Two things I plan to use:
    1-Definitely I will use the “rapid fire” feature when brainstorming “live” with the students.
    2- I will hunt down the cameras and think of a project over the summer.
    One remaining question?
    I forgot..where do I set up Portaportal?

  2. 1.blogging


    3.web site locations

    I will try to find a variety of web sites to meet the needs of my children.

    I will use the flashdrive.

    How will I incorporate what I have learned into my curriculum?

  3. The three things that I learned about in this technology course on Monday were very interesting.The first thing I learned about was how to blog. I have always feared writing on the Internet in this way, but now I have learned about a safe way to blog that is worry-free. I also learned how to use Inspiration 8, and I will use this in the classroom to help my students brainstorm.I am not familiar with using a digital camera, but I had my first experience with the small cameras that are both child friendly and teacher friendly on yesterday. I would gladly use them in my class to help personalize each student’s PowerPoint presentation.I am very impressed with what I have learned in this class.

  4. Day 1 on the summer technology camp,I learned about blogs and how to get into a blog. I also learned how to save pictures from a flash drive to the computer.

  5. Three things I learned that were interesting are: 1. How to refine searches on the internet. 2. How to use Book Adventure with the students. 3. How to use story boards with students.

    Two things I may use in the classroom are: 1. The story boards. 2. Book Adventure

    One question I still have is how to create a power point presentation.

  6. I learned about blogging, how far behind the world we seem to be (a very scary thought), and more about webquests (info from the article). I will definitely incorporate blogging into my classroom as well as utilizing cameras to encourage and promote writing. I still have a gazillion questions about blogging!

  7. What is the purpose of the blogs?
    The computer can be fun if you learn all the different things it can do. I learned how to save pictures using the usb drive. I have learned how to use a camera
    and save to the computer. I will try to use the digital camera in my classroom and I will use inspiration with the kdis.

  8. The three things I learned yesterday were how to blog, how to download picutes to the computer and how to better locate information on the web without going through hundreds of sites.
    I will use the TRT more in the classroom, use the digital camera more with my class.
    The question I have is, How do I find the time to do everything I want to do and still stick to the pacing guide and the class schedule? I do have a fear, that I will forget what I have learned before school starts up again.

  9. 3 things I learned:
    -to use Inspiration to interest students more in reading,writing and teaching them how easy outlining can be with the computer.
    -that blogging is exciting to me.
    -intro into movie maker will enable me to produce movies that will involve my students more.

  10. I would like to comment on yesterday’s lesson. I ‘ve learned several new things, including how to create a personal blog.Also, I was introduced to a new site (new to me) called Shel created for children. Also I’ve learned that there are special ways on being specific when searching online (” “, -, etc.).These things can be used in the classroom as a form of learning through fun even on the lower grade levels.In the classroom, I will try using Yahooligans as a search engine because it is geared towards children and will find educational things instead of things that may not be appropriate. Although I understand that this is a condensed class,I am trying to keep up while understanding the material.

  11. I learned what a blog was and how to set up mine. I learned to copy and paste websites and how to download pictures from a digital camera. Very informative workshop!

  12. I would definitely use the digital cameras with my students and I think it would be wonderful for the students to copy and paste websites to ensure accuracy.

  13. I think Mrs. West had an excellent question that would benefit all SPE teachers. I would like to learn how to gear this technology towards children on all academic levels as well.

  14. One of the things that learned that was interesting was the blogging. This seems like something that the students could really use. I liked the Inspiration. I took a class under Ruth last semester and this was a good refresher for me. I also enjoyed using the camera yesterday. I really would like to use those more in the classroom, as last year and the year before , I spent money buying disposable cameras. 2. I will use the inspiration and the digital camera. One burning question that I have now is How can I tie my TRT down so that she will have time for ME! (smile)

  15. The three things that I learned on Monday were: How to use Inspiration in a more creative way, What Blogging really is about, and How to use technology in the classroom more efficiently.
    As a resource teacher, I will incorportate Inspiration in my writing remediation lessons and use the INFOTRAC page for student website activities.

  16. #1) I really enjoyed learning about the blogs, changing the format of the outlines in inspiration, and addinging weblinks to inspiration.

    #2) I will definately use the blog in my room. I will use it as a internet greeting tool at the beginning of the year. I will also use a few of the image websites with the kids so that they could apply them to writings.

    #3) Can you have personal blogs?

  17. three things that I found interesting were:
    1- inspiration and how it can be used by the students to increase writing ability.

    2/3- the sturdiness of the cameras and interest potential that the teachers expressed that have already used them in the classroom setting.

    2 things that I will attempt in my classroom:
    1- I cannot wait to establish a classroom ‘diary’ it will be a real big event to see my students motivated to not just write from a prompt but to have them ‘publish’ what they feel.

    2- I am excited about seeing the creativeness of the students in using the movie maker themselves, but I am also eager to create interactive inspiration activities.

    my one question- when will I have someone else comment on my Blog page???? Please- PLEASE!!!

  18. Three things that I learned interesting were about blogs. I also, learned how set up my own blog and how to get into a blog. I learned to be specific about the wording and spelling to locate information on the web.
    I would use Inspiration 8 and Storyboarding to help the students in writing and reading lessons.
    How would I incorporate this into my lesson plans?

  19. The three things that interested me from yesterday was: Blogging, Inspiration, using the digital camera. The two things that I will try in the classroom will be the blogging and the Inspiration. I aqm going to try putting my Morning work or at least as question on the blogg and have the students to answer from the blog. The one question that I still have for the two of you is how can I tie my TRT person down to see me, she is so busy when you call on her. (smile)

  20. What would it take for a webquest to fit in with an instructional sequence that you were creating? Instead of just assign a written report to be completed, the student can visit different sites and do a brochure, newsletter, video, etc.

    Would students be able to pass an SOL based end of unit test if their instruction was delivered via webquest? It would interest students to successfully complete a test designed on the blog instead of just the standard test.

    3. How would the level of student achievement be effected if teachers used webquests to deliver information? There would definitely be higher level of achievement because webquests are designed to use learners’ time well, to focus on using information rather than looking for it, and to support learners’ thinking at the levels of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Students can post opinions and findings, and invite others in the world to participate.

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