Roman Myths and Internet Reading/Writing

Roman myths coverRoman Myths by David West, a graphic novel.

Please respond to the following questions, creating a separate comment for each answer. Be certain to check your spelling, use full sentences and correct grammar.  Remember, no text or slang language 🙂 Only use your first name and last initial; NO email address, please!

  1. Of the three (3) Roman Myths you read in the book, which was your favorite, and why? Provide an example of one (1) of the following from that Myth: a) figurative language, b) inferred theme, or c) setting and conflict. Reply with at least 3 full sentences.
  2. Does the graphic novel format enhance the book or detract from the content?  Compare a graphic novel to a short story and a traditional novel.  Reply with at least 3 full sentences.
  3. Was reading the eBook more difficult, easier or just the same as reading a print copy?  Compare the eBook to a traditional print book and include at least 3 different points. Explain your answer in at least 3 full sentences.

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