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Have you ever read a Graphic Novel or Manga?  Manga are generally books with Japanese style anime illustrations, which are read back to front, and Graphic Novels are American versions with less stylized illustrations and read in the traditional front to back format.  Both are compared to comic books.

If you have read this type of book, how did you like it?  What did you like or not like about it?

If you haven’t read this style book, do you think you would like to?  If not, why? 

14 thoughts on “Graphic Novels

  1. I have never read a graphic novel. I would like to read one so i can see the difference between graphic novel and a regular novel

  2. No I have not read this type of novel before and I think that I will like this new book because I like to read comic books because some of them have to do with cartoon characters I dont watch on tv or read about. I think that this book might be fun to read but it does not look interesting.

  3. I have never read a novel before except fo my sisters. She is a wonderful writer i always read her stories but now i will becuase it sounds pretty cool to try out and i will go to a library and check a book out and see how it will work out hopefully it is good but agian it sounds cool so i will try one out lve Taylor J.

  4. No,I have never read a graphic novel before but I would like to have that experience yet but I would probably like it.

  5. I didn’t really like it cause I couldn’t grap the concept of which page to read first. But for the most part the story was interesting.

  6. well.. I know of manga or graphic novels but I’ve never read one before. I think it will be interesting, the change of book type because I always read big books with alot of words…..

  7. Sooo I read it and I liked it but as Leah M. said I couldn’t understand which page to read first. But i liked the book it was good and suspenseful I would read another one.

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