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A Unique Art Experience

November 17, 2014 · No Comments · Art

From Ms. Mallory:

This is a beginning of the year project that I sometimes do as a “loosening  up” activity. I did this project with my 2nd thru 6th grade students and I found it on  The name of the project is called “A Unique Drawing Experience”, and the objective is for students to create an abstract following a set of directions given by the teacher.  And the experience would be for the students to draw and color creating their own abstract design.  The students are to draw what they hear and listen carefully to directions while not looking at anyone else’s work.  For example, I would tell them to draw 5 straight lines from one end to the other end making sure the lines always touch the edges of the paper to create space and then draw 5 different size circles anywhere on their paper large enough to create more spaces.  I decided to change my directions a little, for example I told one class to trace their hand.  They loved that part because it made their artwork a little more personal.  By the time all of lines and shapes are made there would be lots of geometric spaces and organic shapes.  A pencil was used first just in case any mistakes were made and after they were pleased with what they’ve done,  I demonstrated using a black marking crayon to go over the pencil lines to make the spaces stand out more, plus a regular crayon would not smudge when they started coloring the empty spaces.  They were very excited to discover that they would be using oil pastels to color in the spaces being that that medium is very vibrant, soft in texture, and bold.  They were explained that simple lines and shapes added with color will create the most interesting abstract art.  The results were awesome especially when they the finishing touch was going over those black crayon lines with black oil pastels.  They really made the shapes POP!   This was a very enjoyable and simple abstract art project in which the one set of directions really created a unique drawing experience for the students.  

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