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Second grade learns about Native Americans

January 13, 2014 · No Comments · second grade, Social Studies

From Mr. DeLoach:

Mr. DeLoach’s second grade class has recently finished studying about Native Americans.  We focused on three main regions that the Native Americans lived in years ago.  The 3 regions were the Eastern Woodlands, the Central Plains and the Southwest.  We compared and contrasted how particular Native American tribes from each region lived, what the land and climate were like, what materials were available for them to use, what occupations resulted from their resources, how they traveled, and what kind of homes in which they lived.  From the Eastern Woodlands region, we studied the Powhatan Indians.  From the Central Plains region, we studied the Lakota Indians. And from the Southwest region, we studied the Pueblo Indians.  Each student was tasked with designing a project that told about a particular tribe.

The results were excellent!  Here are a few examples of the great work the students accomplished:

 Tyrese is holding a replica of how the Lakota tribe lived.  They had lots of rolling hills and buffalo along with the use of horses.  They were excellent hunters and made their houses, called “teepees” out of buffalo skins.  They were a nomadic tribe so their houses were easily transported from one place to another.


  Hailey  is holding an example of the Powhatan way of life.  They had vast forests and streams available to use and made their homes out of the bark and trees that surrounded them.  They were called “Long Houses” because of their shape.  They were also excellent hunters and fishermen.


Hannah  is holding an example of the homes of the Pueblo Indians.  They lived in a hot, dry area and made their multi-terraced homes out of mud and straw known as “Adobe homes”.  They used irrigation that allowed them to become excellent farmers to provide their food.

The entire class did a wonderful job and fell in love with the challenging but simple way of life of the Native Americans.

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