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Flipped Classrooms

September 26, 2013 · No Comments · English, Fourth Grade, Math, Sixth Grade, Third Grade

From Ms. Everts:

We are gearing up for some exciting things here at Victory this year! If you have a student in Ms. Roberson’s 3rd grade Reading class, Ms. Everts’ 4th grade Math class, or Mrs. Marshall’s 6th grade Math class, they will take part in being in a “flipped” classroom. Most days we will be using the traditional teaching model for instruction, but 1 day a week we will “flip” starting in October!  In short, a “flipped classroom” switches around the traditional order of teaching. It moves the less-interactive lecture portion out of the classroom into pre-class homework and allows valuable class time for students to receive higher level group practice and individualized teaching. It creates a supportive environment in the classroom where the teacher is present and able to help students. It provides greater time for rich discussion and questioning during class, helping students think more deeply about the subject and better preparing them for individual work. And it challenges students to learn how to take charge of their learning, becoming resourceful, responsible, life-long learners. The “flip” will become the homework for that night in that subject area, in an effort to be ready for more activity during the following day. More information will be coming to you, via your student, email, or on Edmodo in every effort to make this change as smooth as possible.  We welcome any input you may have both positive and as well as any concerns, throughout this process. As always thank you for your support during these changes!

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