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ActivTable come to Kindergarten

May 29, 2013 · No Comments · Kindergarten

From Ms. Cleland:


Think computer that accommodates up to six, interactive, sounds, vibrant colors, and fun animated characters. One of the latest additions to kindergarten is a Promethean ActivTable.  Victory Elementary was selected to have an ActivTable in one of our five kindergarten classrooms.  The ActivTable is a touch screen table which can accommodate up to six students who can work simultaneously at one time.  It does require students to decide as a group how they will complete an activity and which activity to choose.  Once the game is started its fierce competition to the end.


The Promethean ActivTable is loaded with activities aligned with core curriculum learning objectives.  Students can group pictures with the same beginning sound, build words, complete phonics activities, compose in motion puzzles, and much more.  They may decide as a group the difficulty levels also.  The children enjoy working on the table in small groups.  Wouldn’t you also love to have a computer built for more than one?




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