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The Value of Field Trips

May 21, 2013 · No Comments · Kindergarten

From Ms. Samuels:

The Kindergarten students of Victory Elementary School are exploring the concept of Conservation SOL K.11 for the fourth quarter of the school year. This topic is in alignment with the SOL standard K.11 which focuses on students understanding that materials can be reused, recycled, and conserved.

One of the activities that the kindergarten students did for the quarter is the construction of a model of a landfill. The teachers and students created a natural area inside a plastic container. They lined the container with blue construction paper.  The blue paper represented the water underground.  Then they poured a few cups of soil on top of the blue paper. They added things such as grass, sticks and leaves to the natural area. In another lesson, the kindergarten teachers and students made a landfill in the natural area.  Finally, Kindergarten students then took a trip to Mt. Trashmore, a landfill located in Virginia Beach.

According to Melissa Lindberg, “Many young children learn best while in motion. Field trips submerge children into the environment of their curriculum studies.   Ms. Lindberg goes on to say that when children participate in a field trip, there are many different learning opportunities that are presented to them. The trip to Mt. Trashmore certainly provided another kind of concrete learning experience that they would not have experienced in a classroom setting. They were able to observe, interpret, and draw conclusions in a very practical way.

Prior to the students’ field trip, they were asked to use their senses to gather as much information as possible. They were also given a number of questions that they would be expected to answer during and after the field trip. The information they gathered would later be used for journal writing.  It is often said that expectation quickens perception, consequently, most of the students had little problem finding something to write about and draw about as seen in our pictures.


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