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All Aboard the Freedom Train!

February 27, 2013 · No Comments · English, Social Studies, Third Grade

From Ms. Roberson:

Third grade recently went on a field trip to Willett Hall to see the play “Freedom Train”. This play told the true story of Harriet Tubman and how she worked on the Underground Railroad to help free slaves. The play laid some foundation work for the Social Studies SOL VS.7a that the students will study in depth next year.  Many students from Portsmouth were there. For some students, this was their first time to see a live play. When we returned we discussed the play as a class, talking about what we had learned though the performance (ENG SOL 3.1). Some of the questions that students asked were:

  • Who could you compare Harriet Tubman to?
  • If you were there with Harriet Tubman, what would you do to help her?
  • What kind of plays have you seen?

Many students commented on the amount of lines the actors and actresses had to memorize and how often they had to change costumes. Most couldn’t believe this play was based on a true story. In addition, some students gave a written review of the play (ENG SOL 3.9). Read them below!



One student wrote, “Freedom Train was very interesting. It had many stunning characters. All of them had memorized the script perfectly. I myself thought that the play was funny, informing, and well written. The costumes are beautiful and they changed very quickly. They had very nice props and setting. I personally think that the play was a success.”

Another student wrote, “I would give Freedom Train five stars. It was a remarkable play. I loved the parts that they sang spirituals. It had a lot to teach like Harriet had a brother, her conductor name was Moses, the underground train wasn’t a train at all, all the people Harriet met on the way, and their secret pass code was “a friend among friends”. I think that was a neat code and a hard one to guess…It was the best play ever.”

One student said, “I thought it was a very good play and it is hard to remember all those lines. I know how it is to remember all those lines. I did not like the play, I LOVED the play! It can teach you what slaves had to do back then. I am so grateful that did not happen to me.”

Another review was,” I thought it was a wonderful play. I liked how they had the real thing that really happened. The play taught that Harriet led the Underground Railroad and lead people to freedom. Harriet was a wonderful woman.”


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