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Shape Projects

December 13, 2012 · No Comments · First Grade, Math

From: Mrs. Goodman

The First Graders at Victory are studying plane geometric figures (square, triangle, circle, and rectangle).  They are identifying, describing, and sorting these plane geometric figures according to the number of sides, vertices, and right angles each figure has.  The first graders have enjoyed working in math centers on various shape projects throughout this past week.

  • Some students went on a scavenger hunt, using a digital camera, to take a variety of pictures of shapes within the room to create their own “Shapes Around Us” book.
  • Some students used KidPix to create a picture using only the 4 shapes (square, triangle, circle, and rectangle).
  • Some students used block shapes to trace a variety of different sized shapes to create a picture of their choice.
  • Some students used various colors of construction paper to cut out shapes and glue those shapes to make a picture of their choice.
  • Some students created a foldable with the shapes on the cover and the facts about the shapes listed inside.

Check out the awesome shape projects listed below.

Scavenger Hunt Book





Block Shapes





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