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Fifth Grade Introduces Blogging

November 28, 2012 · No Comments · English, Fifth Grade

From Ms. Moore:

I have had the opportunity of introducing my students to blogging this school year. A blog is a discussion published on the World Wide Web and consist of entries.  Each one of my students worked on a blog post individually and on a single subject. The students were ecstatic about completing their first blog.  In the future my plans are to allow my students to blog with other students in the district.  The fifth grade students will be completing the Writing SOL in March and blogging will boost my students’ confidence, enhance writing skills, allow them to share their writing , and view other students’ work.  Here are some pictures of the students as they were blogging:




Here are some of the students’ posts:






Look forward to viewing remarkable writings from Ms. Moore’s Fifth grade students this year!


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