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Shapes in Kindergarten Everyday Living

November 8, 2012 · No Comments · Kindergarten, science

From the Kindergarten team:

If there were no shapes around, one would not be able to recognize or distinguish the many possessions that are around us.  Nor would we be able to describe or illustrate the things that are seen daily.  That is the task the kindergartners were assigned to discover.   They had to gaze around their world and observe the four major shapes in their world and objects that they spot every day (square, triangle, rectangle and circle), label them, and come up with a creative way to display each of the four shapes.

Some of the students created moving objects, 3-dimensional figures, or produced a new shape with a variety of single shapes.  Materials were chosen from Styrofoam, bottle tops, cereal boxes, CD holders, toilet tissue holders, cardboard, birthday hats, and magazine pictures. Our principal Mrs. Flowers and assistant principal Mr. O’Neal were excited to see the children’s work.  In addition, many of the siblings of the Kindergarten students commented on how their brother or sister had created a project.  There were comments such as, “Wow, that is really neat!”  or “This one was done by my friend.”  The children also conveyed gentleness as they carried their project, or had someone else help carry their project to class.  The students were so proud to bring in their work and show it to their teacher and classmates.  They also enjoyed that their project was being put on display for all to see.

The kindergartners did an excellent job and they had some really resourceful examples.   We are very proud of their originality and the work they put into this assignment.  Many would say that they are much too young to attempt such an activity, but they stepped up to the plate and performed very well.  If you visit Victory, they are on display in the main lobby for a limited time.


SOL SOL: K. 1 TSW conduct investigations in which:-

a) Basic properties of objects are identified by direct observation:

g) A question is developed and predictions are made from one or more observations




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