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SCA Officers

October 28, 2012 · No Comments · SCA, Sixth Grade

From Ms. Hamill:

The Victory Elementary School is pleased to announce the Student Council Association Officers: President Belah Dunn, Vice President Jayla Moore, Secretary Christie Schilling, and Treasurer Chasity Compton. All candidates campaigned for 2-3 weeks. The students designed posters, passed out flyers, and visited classrooms. All candidates prepared speeches and were video recorded. The Victory students then participated in an online election. All students were able to view the student speeches for each position and then cast their vote. We are excited for the upcoming school year with our newly elected SCA officers!  These girls are all very excited. When asked about the election results here’s what they had to say:

“The kids that go to my school are like, I voted for you, and I love it!”

Belah Dunn

“Hey Victory Elementary School, I am so excited to be your SCA Vice President; I promise to make more fun programs!”

Jayla Moore

“I wanted to be elected Secretary to help make this school year better.”

Christie Schilling

“I wanted to be on SCA because I love being part of a team.”

Chasity Compton


(Left to Right) Ms. Hamill, Jayla Moore, Chasity Compton, Ms. Smith, Belah Dunn, Christie Schilling, and Ms. Broussard


(Left to Right) Chasity Compton, Christie Schilling, Jayla Moore, and Belah Dunn

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