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3rd Grade Studies Physical Properties

October 10, 2012 · 1 Comment · science, Third Grade

Third-graders at Victory have been studying the three stages of matter: solid, liquid and gas.  We’ve been discribing and classifying matter by their physical properties.  Last week, Mr. Trewartha’s students investigated the physical properties some of our favorite matter, COOKIES!  Watch to see what the students discovered as they investigated this tasty treat!  Click the link to view the video presentation.

Physical Properties of a Cookie

The chatter in the classroom, but students really showed great self-control in not eating any of their experiment until the end of the activity.  “Wow, cookies are really complex,” said one student.  “Yup, but they taste great!” finished another.

Your Partner in Education,

-Mr. Trewartha


One Comment

  • Principal Flowers

    Great post Mr. T! Looking forward to the many great things that you and your students will do throughout the year.

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