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A Message from the Principal….The Energy Bus

October 6, 2014 · Comments Off · From the Principal's Desk

BusTicket 1ticket 2

Welcome to another great school year at Victory Elementary!  I am excited to be with you and to announce we will begin the year strong and with great enthusiasm for what is to come!

The start of this school year gives us another opportunity to welcome new and returning faculty, staff, students, and families! It is our hope that your time spent with the Victory family will yield many positive experiences to include not only academics, but also community relations and interaction. Through it all, we vow to remain committed to our core business – educating all of our students well.

This year we have taken into consideration the issues brought to the forefront and have adopted the theme, “All Aboard with Positive Energy”! As we work to help the students finish strong, our theme will serve as a powerful reminder that we must work together to overcome common barriers to promoting the success of every child. It is meant to bring out the best in our team (school, families, and communities).

I look forward to the year that awaits us. and invite you to get on our “Positive Energy Bus”.



Angela D. Flowers, Principal

Angela D. Flowers, Principal


SOL Results Spring 2014

VDOE  SOL Pass rates


Papel Picado

April 1, 2014 · Comments Off · Art

From Ms. Mallory:

Hola amigos!  Hello friends!  This is one of the most absolute favorite projects that my 1st graders enjoy!  I always try to incorporated culture in my lessons. I tell them art is cultural because there are people all over the world that create art in many different ways.  Being that I’m from the island of St. Croix in the Virgin Islands, and being from a different culture, always makes for something different, fun and educational.   We ventured to Mexico where celebrations are lively and colorful. I showed a video of a gentleman that explained that when they have festivals or any special occasion, they line the streets or even inside with colorful cut paper.  This is called Papel Picado.  The students repeated the Spanish term for cut paper and then later viewed another video of a little girl giving a cute demonstration of how to cut paper to make their own.

We practiced with fan folding a piece of scrap paper and using a sissors, students cut small basic shapes out on the creases on all the sides.  When students were comfortable with cutting and folding, each student was given a colorful 9×12 piece of tissue paper to fold and cut. The biggest excitement came when the students opened up their cut paper! Strings were then stapled on one of the ends and students proudly displayed their Papel Picado.  I was not able to display any of their work in the building because they wanted to take them home.  It was fun and the students really enjoyed this project.  So until next time, adios!!

Papel Picado 1 Papel Picado2 Papel Picado3 Papel Picado4 Papel Picado5

      Papel Picado6


Second grade learns about Native Americans

January 13, 2014 · Comments Off · second grade, Social Studies

From Mr. DeLoach:

Mr. DeLoach’s second grade class has recently finished studying about Native Americans.  We focused on three main regions that the Native Americans lived in years ago.  The 3 regions were the Eastern Woodlands, the Central Plains and the Southwest.  We compared and contrasted how particular Native American tribes from each region lived, what the land and climate were like, what materials were available for them to use, what occupations resulted from their resources, how they traveled, and what kind of homes in which they lived.  From the Eastern Woodlands region, we studied the Powhatan Indians.  From the Central Plains region, we studied the Lakota Indians. And from the Southwest region, we studied the Pueblo Indians.  Each student was tasked with designing a project that told about a particular tribe.

The results were excellent!  Here are a few examples of the great work the students accomplished:

 Tyrese is holding a replica of how the Lakota tribe lived.  They had lots of rolling hills and buffalo along with the use of horses.  They were excellent hunters and made their houses, called “teepees” out of buffalo skins.  They were a nomadic tribe so their houses were easily transported from one place to another.


  Hailey  is holding an example of the Powhatan way of life.  They had vast forests and streams available to use and made their homes out of the bark and trees that surrounded them.  They were called ”Long Houses” because of their shape.  They were also excellent hunters and fishermen.


Hannah  is holding an example of the homes of the Pueblo Indians.  They lived in a hot, dry area and made their multi-terraced homes out of mud and straw known as “Adobe homes”.  They used irrigation that allowed them to become excellent farmers to provide their food.

The entire class did a wonderful job and fell in love with the challenging but simple way of life of the Native Americans.


Kindergarten Update

December 16, 2013 · Comments Off · Kindergarten

From Ms. Cleland:

We have been learning about Pocahontas and the Powhatan Indians in Kindergarten.  The Powhatan Indians were Native Americans who lived in Jamestown when the settlers first came to America.  The Indian princess Pocahontas helped the settlers get use to the new land and form a friendship with the Powhatan Indians.  In honor of the Powhatan Indians our class made vests and head bands just like the natives in Jamestown.


A Brave Person

December 12, 2013 · Comments Off · Fifth Grade

From Ms. Moore:

Ms. Moore’s 5th grade class entered the Veteran’s Day Writing Contest and placed Honorable Mention. The students collaborated diligently and wrote an incredible writing. The fifth grade students will be taking their Sol Writing test, which is scheduled for March. They are on their way to being expert writers.


A Brave Person

By Ms. Moore’s Third Block Class

         Do you know who the bravest person is in my family?  My dad is the bravest person in my family because he serves our country, protects our family, and he is deployed a lot. To begin with, my dad serves our country. He wears camouflaged uniforms and boots.  Camouflage is like trees, grass, and mother nature.  And, his boots are as big as a football field.  And, he tells pilots where to go.  Awesome! Also, he protects our family.  He checks the house.  He has some weapons and practices with them sometimes at the shooting range.  I don’t think anyone would want to break into our house.  In fact, my dad is the greatest because he supplies my needs by taking his time and going to work, he buys us food like pizza! He calls me cuddly woodley, when I am sick. In addition to all the good things that my dad does, can you imagine being without him for six months to a year? He travels to places like Eqypt. When he is gone he is sent to places to fight for our freedom.  Sometimes he travels on a big ship.  I also miss my dad because he misses Christmas when we open our presents.  Sometimes I feel so sad when my Dad isn’t here.  As you can see my Dad is a busy man.  He works hard on his job to provide our needs and our country’s needs. I miss him when he is not here, but he is the bravest person I know.


First Grade Update

November 25, 2013 · Comments Off · First Grade

From Mrs. Goodman:

Here’s What is Happening in First Grade
Social Studies Project
The first graders made pilgrim hats to wear to the Thanksgiving Day Luncheon on Tuesday, November 26. They learned about the early settlers and that Thanksgiving is an American holiday.
We are learning addition and subtraction of numbers to 18.
We are learning about motion and how things move. Some things move in a circle, straight, and back-and-forth motion.



November 22, 2013 · Comments Off · Music

From Mrs. Liverman:

Greetings Victory Family: We were well represented at the collaborative concert with three of our All-City Students and the Virginia Children’s Chorus. Lots of hard work but great rewards.

The seventy strong Victory Chorus sang for our Veteran’s Day Concert, November 8th.  Great job !!


December plans to be a very productive musical month with our chorus singing for the Olde Towne Holiday Musical Festival, and our Holiday P. T. A. Program presented by k& 1st grade classes and our 4th-6th chorus. Look forward to seeing everyone at these festivities!!    Musically, C. Liverman




Multiplication Cha-Cha!

November 18, 2013 · Comments Off · Third Grade

From Ms. Freeman:

Ms. Freeman’s class is crazy about multiplication. We’ve come up with a unique, fun way to practice our multiplication facts. What other way than to multi-task! Check out the video to watch my students get down with the Cha-Cha while answering multiplication facts on the ActivExpressions!

Multiplication Cha-Cha from Ruth Okoye on Vimeo.

Memorizing multiplication facts can be a task for some students. Having ActivEpressions in the classroom is a plus because you can generate multiplication facts for the student’s to practice. Students are able to work at their own pace or you can put them to the challenge by setting a timer. When you come up with creative ways for the students to memorize multiplication facts they will appreciate it and have a blast doing it.

What are some creative ways you use to get students to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and/or division facts?


What’s going on in Room 203

October 29, 2013 · Comments Off · second grade

From Ms. Mapp-Jonathan:

Second graders at Victory are doing wonderful things. We have been very busy. My second graders participated in a Swim/Gym program sponsored by the Portsmouth YMCA and Portsmouth Public Schools.  

The Swim/Gym Program is designed to promote fitness and personal water safety skills. Our second graders learned personal safety skills, water adjustment, floating and treading. Students were also involved in 25 minutes of fitness activities.

We also received a surprise visit from two special characters, Chuck E and the Cat in the Hat. Chuck E stopped by to invite the students from Victory to a family night of fun at Chuck E Cheese. We were very excited. The Cat in the Hat made a special appearance in our classroom to read our favorite story. We would like to send a special thank you to both of them.

Although we have had some fun times in Room 203, we are also busy learning. Our students are busy at work on the computers, working on the Waterford Early Literacy Program. The program is designed specifically for the early grades, pre-k through second grade, with easy navigation, scaffold instruction, audio, and multimedia prompts to ensure success. Our students are also  working in small groups in order to reinforce skills learned in the whole group instruction. This allows students more attention and gives them a chance to ask specific questions they may have about what they have learned.  Good job second graders!



Starting the year with Art

October 21, 2013 · Comments Off · Uncategorized

From Ms. Mallory:


Click here to play Ms. Mallory’s podcast:  Ms. Mallory Abstract Art

To get additional information on the use of Abstract art, check out these websites: