Last Day…

August 2, 2007

Today is the last day of Tech Cadet training. How was camp?  What was the best part?  What will you do for the rest of the summer?

Don Roberts comes to school…

August 1, 2007

Did you like today’s assembly?  Tell three things you learned.  What did Don Roberts say about how much you get paid? 

Guest Speaker — Mr. Brown

July 31, 2007

What did you think about Mr. Brown’s video?  Tell me three things you learned about video editing.  What two things did you find interesting?  What question could you have asked?

Week 3

July 30, 2007

Was planning your project easier today than it was last week?  Do you know why?  What tools will you use to complete your project? Do you think your team will need assistance?

End of week 2

July 26, 2007

This team created propaganda materials from the Virginia Company of England.  the purpose was for the company to invite new people to make the voyage to Jamestown and join the colony.  Here is their brochure and powerpoint:

Come to Jamestown presentation

Come to Jamestown Brochure

What was most difficult about this week?  Were you able to do your project easily?  Are you ready to move on to new projects next week? 

Halfway there…

July 25, 2007

Camp is half over.  How is it going?  What is your role on your team?  Is your team working together well?  Have you been able to help your team with the project?

Mr. McKee Visits…

July 24, 2007

What did you learn from today’s presentation?  Will you change some of your plans for your movie?  What tips do you remember?

Starting Week 2

July 23, 2007

So, what is the project that you are working on this week?  How will you help your team?  What is your plan of action? 

Week 1 projects

July 19, 2007

Blue Team was challenged to act as a tour guide this week, and create a podcast for tourists who might come to Portsmouth.  Here is their project:

 Our City Podcast

They also made a powerpoint to accompany the podcast:

Our City Powerpoint

Week One…

July 18, 2007

What have you learned this week?  How do you like working in a team?  Is your project finished? Do you need more time to work on it?

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