School assembly

We joined the summer school assembly today.  Don Roberts was coming to speak to the students.  Some of our kids didn’t know who Don Roberts was, so we saw the opportunity to join with the other students in the school as a a teachable moment in two ways.  First, the kids got to find out about this awesome newscaster who always gives back so much to this community.  Also, we had the ability to do an assessment type activity.  The “pop quiz” was doing an impromptu newscast of the events of the day for this school.  I think we all had fun.

Just having fun…

Last week we talked about internet safety and website evaluation.  The kids practiced the skills we discussed by evaluating two websites:

Save the Northwest Tree Octopus

Dog Island

These sights have been the topic of hot debate for the last week.  Many votes have been taken to determine if the Tree Octopus is real and if there really is a Dog Island.  Today we had some down time and the kids started drawing.  There were lots of non-linguistic representations (pictures) of the ideas behind these two sites.  Here are a few of the pictures…

Tree octopus     Save the tree Octopus

Dog Island

Blue Team also did some powerpoints on internet safety

Amara’s Powerpoint

Maggie’s Powerpoint

Blue Team Boys Powerpoint

Today’s guest…

Today’s guest teacher is Mr. McKee the TRT from Olive Branch and John Tyler.  Mr. McKee joins us just after his week long training for teachers in colonial Williamsburg where he taught the teachers about using film making in the classroom. 

Camp Rules

We have all agreed to follow the following camp rules:

Camp Rules

  • Cooperate with your team and listen to your teammates
  •  Do your part on each project, and make sure it’s your best work
  • Be nice…No fighting
  • When doing your work use appropriate websites
  • Be responsible, follow the camp directions and stay with your group
  • Share with others when using the computer or other technology

It’s The First Day!!

Welcome to camp!  We will spend most of the day getting to know each other.  Today we will:

  • Introduce ourselves with powerpoints
  • Learn about teams and roles
  • Create camp rules and learn lab rules
  • Create a powerpointfor each team
  • Learn about searching the internet safely
  • Learn about blogging

Before you go home, go to your team Blog and complete the assignment there.