About Our Camp

PPS Tech Cadet Boot Camp is a fun opportunity for students to learn technology skills through hands-on experiences.  This technology program helps students to acquire 21st Century skills and challenges them to be innovative and creative.  “Cadets” have the opportunity to participate in exciting technology modules.  In addition, they will have a chance to interact with other students who share an interest in technology. Some of the training the “cadets” will receive includes:

  • Internet Safety

  • Creating Podcasts

  • Blogging

  • PowerPoint

  • Windows Movie Maker

  • Digital Storytelling

 A Parent should know…Our camp is more than just FUN! It is also:

  • Staffed with PPS Technology Resource Teachers

  • Focused on equipping students to gain SOL essential knowledge

  • Designed with student acquisition of National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS*S) in mind

 Tech Cadet Boot Camp also provides:

  • State of the Art technology equipment

  • Opportunities for students to interact with professionals working in technology related fields

  • Small teacher to student ratio


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