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Math and Science Go Hand in Hand!
From Ms. Outlaw: First grade is exploring and making connections in Math and Science.  Through investigation and application room 303 puts SOLs in “real life” context.  Exploration doesn't just happen in the classroom.  Our first grade scie (More)
Norfolk Zoo Field Trip
On Thursday, May 16th, the Kindergarten students went on a field trip to the Norfolk Zoo.  The purpose of the field trip was to reinforce and make a connection with Science SOL  K.7 (The student will investigate and understand basic needs and life (More)
From Ms. Marks: First grade students learn about natural resouces by using resource books to find the meaning of the term and examples of each to draw. This activity provided an interesting center-focused method to introduce the topic to primary (More)
Work Made Easier with Simple Machines
Ms. Lewis shares: For our simple machines unit, we studied SOL 3.2.  During the unit, the students explored the function and the uses of the six types of simple machines—lever, screw, pulley, wheel and axle, inclined plane, and wedge.  The stu (More)
Kindergarten Voicethreads
Ms. Cunningham and Ms. Osby's kindergarteners created a voicethread about a story they read in class called Bear Snores On. They did a great job re-telling the story! (More)
Shapes in Kindergarten Everyday Living
From the Kindergarten team: If there were no shapes around, one would not be able to recognize or distinguish the many possessions that are around us.  Nor would we be able to describe or illustrate the things that are seen daily.  That is the t (More)
3rd Grade Studies Physical Properties
Third-graders at Victory have been studying the three stages of matter: solid, liquid and gas.  We've been discribing and classifying matter by their physical properties.  Last week, Mr. Trewartha's students investigated the physical properties som (More)
Mammal or Reptile?
The students are learning about different animals in science this 9 weeks and were asked to do a project to show what they have learned.  For the past 3 weeks we have been learning the difference between mammals and reptiles.  They were asked to do (More)

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