Spent some time today with Mrs. Hunter-Lowe at Victory Elementary.  Her blog is all set up and her kids are working towards completing their first blog assignment.  We’ll be doing the paper blogging lesson on Monday.  She’s real excited as she’s read about blogging in a trade journal and would like to join the “conversation”. 

Podcast book reports

I got an SOS  request from Mrs. Daniels to help her with her podcast bookreports. It seems her kids are ready to record and she needs an extra set of hands to get things in motion.   So I spent the first part of the day recording in the cafeteria.  It’s an excellent place to record I would never have guessed!  Once the lunch rotations started, we moved to the library.

Podcast Recording        Podcasting 2

 Here’s a sample of what we were doing today raw, no frills..


The kids want to publish the finished products on their own blogs…we’ll have to see if there is a way to get that done. 

Oh What Fun!

The paper blogging was a great hit!  We covered so many more objectives than I thought we would.  We used the Venn diagrams to compare and contrast.  We covered a little internet safety.  Students talked about how to disagree with someone and still be nice while telling them.  We pointed out how important it was to stick to the topic so that people would know what you were talking about.  We ran out of time…but Mrs. Daniels will finish the lesson on her own.  She can guide the students through their first actual post to their blogs.  We took pictures…

Paper Blogs  Paper blogs with comments

Paper blogging

Just finished the lesson plan for Debbie’s class for tomorrow…I’ve had it in my head for quite a bit, just needed to actually write the plan down.  I got the original idea from a thread on but the original lesson plan is posted at  I have adapted the plan.  The files I will use are here:

 I think this is going to be great!


I have finally found a lesson plan idea that would be appropriate for Ms. Pittman’s class.  I found it at  We’ll do a virtual literature circle using a Jigsaw pattern.  It’ll be fun and it will cover several bullets on the SOL for this quarter. 

Brighton getting off the ground

Ms. Pittman at Brighton really seems enthusiastic about working with me this year, however we haven’t had the chance to sit down and actually work on the preliminaries.  An additional issue facing us is that the english department is wathcing her very closely – I don’t know why – they don’t really like too much technology, so we’ll see how that works out.  I’m working on finding a plan that would place more emphasis on the reading for her class…

Olive Branch Year 2

Well, I’ve talked with Debbie Daniels and she’s up for another year of Read, Write, Publish.  I’m glad because the rest of the teachers who signed up this year seem to have some difficulty getting started.  Debbie and I will start with blogging this year, and plan to use the account that she has been given along with David Warlick’s site so that her students can have their own blogs as well.  We’ll get together next week to work out the details. 


The students in Mrs. Daniels class have created podcasts.  These podcasts were created to assist teachers in selecting a book from the Virginia Readers Choice list to read to their first grade class.

Absolutely Not

Do you have a hat?

Mouse went to get a snack

A day in the life of Olive Branch

Mrs. Daniels’ students documented what a typical day was like in their second photostory.

Our first digital stories…

Mrs. Daniels’ advance team used Photo Story three to document their field trip to the Virginai Air and Space Museum

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