Team reflections on VSTE

Today we had our first round of presentations on the VSTE conference.  I’m always a little apprehensive when the TRTs are supposed to give presentations.  I never know if my “stuff” will actually make a meaningful contribution for these folks. For example, my first ever blog in-service was for the TRTs.  I was new at blogging myself, but I wanted to do the best that I could.  I spent hours getting ready; had folders with handouts but judging from the results about half of the TRTs didn’t find the information valuable.  In fact, some of those in my audience left the handouts behind. The TRTs are one of the hardest audiences…So today, I was glad that I wasn’t first.  I am having a little difficulty with my presentation, but I’ll get it all worked out before the 25th.

We are supposed to share what we learned at the conference. One of the presentations was rather short. It may be that with our push to present at the conference (I think our team did 7 presentations) we may not have been able to see a whole lot of what other divisions brought to the table.  We might keep that in mind when we receive the request for proposals for the 2009 conference. We had a delightful presentation today by Al in which he showed us stop animation and the K-12 Voicethread site.  It was his first presentation to the group and he really did well.

Kudos to Al who is doing a great job in his first year as a TRT!!