Flip Video Anyone??

flip_videoThe Flip Video camera is an amazing little device.  It puts different types of projects in our reach.  Today while browsing Tech and Learning, I came across an article on using the Flip Video in class.  If you have an interest in using these cameras, you should definately check out the article: http://www.techlearning.com/blogs/32824 You don’t need to own one of these cameras yourself to do any of these projects.  PPS teachers can borrow a set of these cute little cameras from Instructional Technology.  Just ask your TRT to set it up for you.

Ever Hear of BookWink?

Ok…so my PLN has a lot of great folks and they always share great stuff.  Today NedraI shared a site called BookWink.  It’s great!  Video booktalks on a variety of subjects.  I’m thinking of a host of uses for it in language arts and Library classes.  Take a look for yourself and see, and if I’ve emailed you with a link to this post you better believe that I’m thinking of using this site with you… www.bookwink.com