Cute Review Project


I just wanted to share a review project the Ms. Broussard did with the Sixth grade students.  She used along with DE Streaming images and digital voice recorders.  Each group of students made a summary of each of the six events they had studied.  Here’s a sample:

I can think of a few other ways to use Mapskip.  Let me know if you would like some help doing a similar project.

Builder tools in action

builder tools

I am just so excited!!  For the better part of two years I have been talking to my teachers about using the DE Streaming teacher tools.  I have explained – they are easy to set up, students will really be engaged, I promise you’ll like it – to no avail…until this week!

KUDOS to Mrs. Mitchell, Ms. Hammil, and Dr. Hunter-Lowe who all jumped in the deep end this week.  Mrs. Mitchell and Ms. Hammil have worked with me to create a DE Streaming assignment that requires research, note taking and videos to crete a Wordle on civil war leaders.  Dr. Hunter-Lowe used a DE Streaming writing prompt to help her students prepare for the writing test. 

The kids are all excited.  The teachers are pleased.  The level of technology implementation in  the building continues to rise.

Virginia Trekkers

Whew!! I’m trying to clean out my inbox.  The email upgrade has made life very different for many of us.  If you need help with the new interface, let me know or you could take the OWA 2007 class that is being offered in the Tech Tuesday lineup.

So anyway, I’m cleaning up my email and I ran across some info on a great site. The  Virginia Trekkers are a group of Instructional Technology Resource Teachers  who are creating resources for elementary students.  The vodcasts and interactives are primarily targeted towards social studies, but where there is an cross over with other core areas, they make sure to get that in as well.  Check out the site…there is something for everyone K-6.