I’m gonna be in pictures…

WOW…I just finished a class in Second Life.  Riptide, one of the DEN in SL leaders, gave a class on using the camera and taking pictures in Second Life.  So now I need to practice.  My skills are still pretty aweful.  Not that Ripide didn’t try…I’m just am a slow learner.  So we learned to pan and zoom and take pictures wih special effects. So I took one of myself doing a backflip in slow-mo…Take a look.



David Warlick in SL

Okay so in my never-ending quest to learn more about edtech, I have begun to investigate Second Life.  It’s funny how I find learning this new application really overwhelming.  When I was beginning to look into MUVEs over a year ago, I was so overwhelmed by Second Life that I took up residence in Kaneva.  I’ve got my own apartment over there and a little coffe shop that I’m working on furnishing.  I realized that life in Kaneva would be short lived when all of the edtech people had no idea where Kaneva was or even that it existed.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a great place to start. 

So over the summer, I took advantage of the opportunity to have help in getting acclimated to SL.  The DEN has a presence in SL and offered a session on it while I was at the National Institute.  Still overwhelmed and a little frustrated I realized that I still wasn’t ready.  But I had to get there.  The Office of Science is thinking about SL and asking questions.  Someone in Instructional Technology needs to be able to help if they intend to take the school division into SL.  So I’m trying.

I’ve been joining the DEN for professional development in SL on Wednesday for the last few weeks.  I’ve learned a lot, but I am also learning about SL.  Folks are always helpful and I pick up a new skill every time.  Last week I actually was in a snowball fight!  So I was feeling brave tonite and I actually decided to go to a discussion on ISTE Island.  I got an email from my supervisor, Karen Streeter, with all of the details last week.  Warlick was going to be talking about Personal Learning Networks.  Funny ’cause that was the topic last week at the DEN session. 

I was listening and learning and the all of a sudden David Warlick was talking to me in front of all of those people asking me how my network was helping me…I couldn’t type fast enough…I hadn’t set up voice chat because I intended to fly under the radar.  I was ever so glad that the webnazi (he’s a great guy) had unblocked plurk today, so I was actually able to be connected.  I told them about the website that I got from Alice Mercer.  I didn’t remember the name of the site, but I was able to say I posted it on my blog.

Ok so What did I learn?  Tons…things like:

  •  I need to revisit building my PLN – but I knew that from last week. 
  • Got a great idea for a class I would LOVE to teach for TEACH Academy 2, but I’m not sure our folks would be ready for it.  Kinda a mix between INTRO to Web 2.0 and Advanced Blogging.  Teaching teachers about the power of RSS and helping them to start finding alternate forms of professional development.  I want to call it something like “Professional Development 2.0 – Learning to work the web”
  • I learned new things about SL – how to clap, sit and nod.  Learned about notecards.  Don’t know how to take the info out of SL yet though.  Learned how to see the archived chat. It’s cool how the hyperlinks work when you are in the right view… Learned to take pictures – learned how slow my connection was…Then I had to learn how to get back to the DEN, because I’ve never left there before.  I was in luck that one of the DEN in SL leaders was in world – she got me back to where I belonged. 

Don’t laugh at my pictures.  It’s the best that I could do. 

Presentation screen behind meWarlick talking about PLNsMY first pix in SLWarlick facilitationg a discussion in SL