Journey North


Journey northI was recently reminded about the Journey North website by Annenberg Learner.  You can find the site at:  It’s a really great site for K-3 science in the spring.  they have information for teachers and then additional pages that students can use to do research or content area reading.  Check it out I promise it will be worth your time…

Animal Habitat Website

Many of you know Al Beamon, he taught 4th grade for many years at Brighton before he became a TRT.  Quite glad he joined our team as he’s a really talented guy with great aptitude for the job.  every once in a while Al shares a resource that he has found and is using over a James Hurst Elementary. So Al’s most recent share was for animal habitats.  GlaxoSmithKline has created a website on animal habitats.  Check it out I’m sure it will be helpful.

Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection

This is primarily for third and fourth grade teachers.  While studying the food chain, you might dissect an owl pellet with your students virtually.  Those with an MCPS system or a Promethean Board could do whole group instruction in the class.  You also could decide to use the computer lab for this activity so that everyone could have some “hands on” experience. is the link you’ll want to go to.  Thanks to Alice Mercer who shared this resource via Plurk.

Plants are everywhere!

Last week it seemed like everyone was working on plants.  One of my first grade teachers, Ms. Marks, asked me to add some plant interactives to the Victory Portaportal.  The second grade went to the farm and looked at plants and the fourth grade was charting the growth of some seds they planted a few weeks ago.  I thought Mrs. Petry’s use of the Promethean board for student graphing was cool and I wanted to share her kids’ work with you.

 Plant growth

Good work Mrs. Petry!

Science 1.5 review

Mrs. Taxson asked me to do a review activity with her class, so I decided to try out the VoiceThread application with them.  They had fun, I had fun, we all had fun!!  Wanna see what we did?  Check it out:

Thanks to Chrissy for the tutorial on embedding VoiceThreads. I would never have been able to figure it out on my own.