VSRA conference day #1

The Virgina State Reading Association conference began today.  I’ve been burning the midnight oil getting ready given everything else that seemed to get dropped on my plate in the last month…As the VSRA Technology & Reading chairperson, I have been charged with getting additional technology based sessions added to the conference lineup.  My co-chair, Melissa Warren, along with Deloris Eure-Nutt and I have provided hands-on sessions for the last 3 years.  Set-up and break down have always been a little problematic because of scheduling. This year the conference committee allowed us to present all three of our sessions on the same day and in the same room, so that we did not have to break down the lab and then set it up again in another area. 

We presented three sessions today: web 2.0 playground, Build your own PLN, and Technology Integration Made Easy with MSWORD.  Session info and handouts can be found at http://vsra.pbworks.com/ We divided the labor equally with each of us leading one of the sessions.  Melissa was first, which of course meant that we had to work out the tech difficulties durign her session.  Despite the fact that the conference center couldn’t get the wireless up and running until her session was half over, Melissa did a great job.  She  introduced blogging with Edublogs, podcasting via Vocaroo, and was even able to touch on Voki.  I did a the PLN session, and Deloris led the MSWord session. 

It’s been a long day, and we are exhausted.  But our sessions were full (20+ people each) so we’re hoping that the work we’ve done will help change what’s going on in a few classrooms across the state.

Taking a moment to breathe and reflect…

WOW.  The last two months have been absolutely like a whirlwind.  When I think of everything that I’ve been doing, I’m grateful for the lull that this week has afforded me.  I looked at my schedule and thought ‘I have time to update my blog at work!!’ Don’t remember the last time that happened.  What have I been doing?  More like what haven’t I been doing…In the last two months I have been to three conferences – EdTech 2008, VSTE, and VSRA (I presented at two of them), finished a PBL curriculum project, took a five hour class on using the Promethean board and completed Thinkfinity bridge training.  I also gave two workshops on blogging for the social studies folks and built a ning group for the math department.  I get tired just thinking about it, especially since I still had to do all of my regular work with my teachers.  My next few posts will be reflective…better late than never.