Shout Outs

 Shout Outs

Some of you really make me proud, and since I can only give one Tech Award per month in the newsletter, I thought I would find a way to recognize others who have really made an effort to integrate technology.  I will give a “Shout Out” to teachers who have stepped out of their own personal comfort zone, so what qualifies for a shout for one person may not qualify for someone else…Here’s to all of you – the measure of my success.

4 thoughts on “Shout Outs

  1. The first shout out goes to Sabrina Watson who was determined to find something to help with fourth grade math. Ms. Watson made an appointment and yesterday we talked about Orchard and a few other ways to integrate technology into math. Today, Ms. Watson informed me that her kids were using Orchard and she was really happy with the work that they were able to do.

  2. Let’s hear it for Yvette Davis!! This is the third year that I am working with Mrs. Davis as the TRT assigned to her building, and we have come a long way. Mrs. Davis gets a shout out because I caught her kids using Orchard this afternoon. We did training on Tuesday and two days later, her kids are using it. Way to make me proud. 🙂

  3. Here are the winners of the October “Visit my Blog” contest. You all deserve a shout out!!

    From Brighton: Vincent, Hawkins, McLeod, West, Mojica, Trumbauer, Mattai, and Perry-Wallace.

    From Victory: Goolsby, Welch, and Pollock.

    From NDC: Borne

  4. Ode to Mrs. Hunter-Lowe who made my heart sing last week. Trying to get an appointment to work on her blog she emailed me dilligently several times over a two day period. For someone who rarely checks email that was quite an effort. I applaude your efforts, and I will see you on Tuesday.

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