Internet Safety

Here’s a remeinder about the Internet Safety curriculum.  All teachers in Virginia are responsible to teach Internet Safety to their students.  You can find the curriculum online here: .  Most teachers have a couple of lessons to teach in the fall, and a couple to teach in the spring.  If you need help navigating the curriculum or teaching the lessons let me know.  I will be happy to help.

Student Privacy

Did you know that the Federal Trade Commission allows teachers to act on behalf of a parent during school activities online?  Yeah…the details are at I guess that’s why sites such as and encourage teachers to create student accounts.  Additional information on Kids and protecting their privacy can be found at .  Here’s a guide for teachers: Student privacy

Portsmouth Public Schools has simple guidelines for teachers who will be using the internet with their kids.  The gist is easy to remember:

  • Get a signed release form if you want to publish the child’s work online
  • Images published online should be of the student’s work not of the student
  • Students should be taught basic rules of online safety before going online
  • Tell students to only use their first name and last initial when posting online

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Internet Safety

As part of the statewide initiative on Internet Safety, each school received a book for teachers to share with students.  The book,”Faux Paw’s Adventures in the Internet” is available for check out at the school library.  

Faux Paw Cover

While doing some research on some additional resources to give you on internet safety, I came across an entire website of materials that support the book. has a video version as well as a talking book version.  There are coloring pages, a PowerPoint file that you can download, worksheets and quizzes.  The site also has quite a few activities created by the D.A.R.E. project.  The kids section of the site has two games and links to several other well known websites with games.  If you put it all together properly, you could create a great emergency plan for your classroom if you were in grades 1 through 3. 

Some other resources on internet safety that might interest you include:

I will be doing training on the school division’s internet safety curriculum this month.  Most of our curriculum and resources come from the NetSmartz workshop.  You can find information about the NetSmartz at .  There are some online games at the NetSmartz Kids site .  

I also have some internet safety resources on My Portaportal:

Please let me know if I can be of any further help as you integrate the state-wide internet safety initiative into your lessons.