21Things Post #14

One of the things on the list is to create a VoiceThread to be used as an educational resource.  I worked with the Spanish teacher, Mrs. LaPiana and a small group of students to create this Vociethread.  She wanted to use the voicethread to introduce the topic “Seasons” to her class.  I think the kids did great considering that they had no idea what they were saying.  She wrote the scripts out for them phonetically…

21Things Post #13

April McKee's wiki

On February 10th the secondary TRTs and I held a work session for the Foreign Language teachers.  I was very happy about the work we were able to do assisting most teachers individually or on small groups.  I was able to work with April McKee from Churchland High School who was a really hard sell.  Mrs. McKee has fully participated in every session that we have done with  the foreign language folks, but she finds no use for technology in her classroom…I finally got her insterested in creating a review site for her students.  We put together a wiki very quickly, and then used a digital voice recorder to create two podcasts for her Spanish 1 students.

What does this have to do with my 21Things??  Using a digital voice recorder with a teacher is number 21 on the list.  Don’t get happy yet, I’m not done…I’ve skipped around a bit and still have 5 items to go…

21Things Post #11

I am forever getting great stuff from folks in my PLN.  Two websites that I was introduced to recently are interesting:  This first one – Kidblog looks promising and will need to be sanctioned by OITMS before anyone uses it.  The premise is the same as classblogmeister – simple safe blogging for students. Instructional blogging – like writing prompts, journal entries and literature circles.  The interface of the Kidblog platform is clean, slick and updated.  I haven’t played with it at all to see if it has the same features as the blogmeister.  We’ll have to see…


The other site is  Carrotsticks.com – it’s a math game.  It’s very cute and just for practice in basic math facts.  The only part that is free is the addition part, but I played and had fun.  “competed with two other kids” and even had a progress report and achievement certificate sent to “my parents” email address.  I think there may be some real use for this in a classroom setting.


21Things Post #10


Social Bookmarking would benefit a number of teachers in my school.  I am thinking specifically of working together to build a list of bookmarks that would be somewhat like a Portaportal.  I have created a portaportal for both  schools, but I am the only one building them.  This limits the viability and growth potential of the list.  I did not really think of introducing “web based” bookmarking to many teachers.  I have mentioned it to one of the math specialists and a reading specialist.  I think a better tactic might be to hold an inservice for the staff – one of my schools is ready for it -  and introduce the concept.  I know several would embrace the idea for their own personal productivity, but all would embrace the idea of creating a communal group of bookmarks of teaching resources.

I actually think a workshop on social bookmarking might make a great Tech Tuesday session.  It’s quick and the application to personal productivity is immediately visible.  It would also work well as part of a Web 2.0 for personal productivity exploration workshop.

21Things Post #9

This item is about RSS in education.  I read the article :  https://randysresources.wikispaces.com/file/view/RSS.pdf   I think all teachers might be able to use RSS for a variety of ways to save time.  Thinking of specific teachers that I have worked with…

  • Debbie Daniels back when her kids had individual blogs  might have been interested in using RSS to keep up with what they were writing if the tool she was using didn’t make it easy for her.  Fortunately, she was using classblogmeister at the time and that service makes it easy to check your kids blog posts.
  • Another one of my teachers – Vikki Parrish – is very interested in in technology applications.  I don’t know if she is currently using Web 2.0 for professional development…I’ll need to check.  She would intuitively understand the use of RSS.
  • One other teacher Victoria Mapp uses technology personally – she is a newshound.  I’ll need to check and see if she is using RSS.

21Things post #7

This challeng is to find two blogs to follow and share a bit about them.  The first blog I will share is Alice Mercer’s blog.  Reflections on Teaching is just that…her reflections on what she sees in the world of education, what she does in her computer lab, anything that she feels tells a story about where education is or is going.  I’ve been using a widget in my iGoogle page to follow her… I’ll be adding her blog to my blogroll shortly.

reflections on teaching

21Things Post #6

its elementary

I subscribe to It’s Elementaryhttp://edtechtalk.com/ItsElementary – it’s a podcast on the EdTechTalk website. Alice Mercer a fellow Den Star who is a great Computer Lab Teacher is one of the moderators…I follow Alice – her blogs, tweets, plurks, slideshare – so this seemed to be a natural fit for me. They used to publish twice a month, but they seem to be publishing once a month now.

21Things post #5

I have added a few folks to my twitter account:

  1. technologynutt – Deloris Eure-Nutt (iTRT in Portsmouth, VA)
  2. 2manysquestions – Melissa Warren (ITRT in Bristol, VA)
  3. K4sons  a.k.a Thunder Insippo (ITRT in Virginia Beach, VA)
  4. jbaedke – Jill Baedke (ITRT in Henrico, VA)
  5. BronSt – Bron Stuckey (technologist in Sydney Australia)

21Things Post #4


I have been looking ino use of microblogging for my own professional development over the past year or so.  I first heard about using microbloggin for educational purposes back in 2007 when a colleague returned from the ITRT summer camp all jazzed up about using Twitter.  I couldn’t see use for the application at the time.  I have since begun to understand the utility of microblogging for professional development.  My PLN is connected through these platforms in various ways.  I have learned to use PLURK for connecting with educational technologists all over the world.  I have difficulty using Twitter in the same way.  I find the arrangement of the messages difficult to sift through.  I know there are ways to organize and search the messages, but I haven’t got that far in…