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Well it should come as no surprise to anyone that I’m not from this area.  I am a native New Yorker, and unfortunately along with that comes a host of “unsouthern” character traits.  I’m rough around the edges, and after several years I’m still trying to acclimate.

I generally work a 10 hour day, not because I have to but because I love my job, and there is always some work to do.  When I’m not working, I am generally studying.  I work in a field that is always changing.  In an effort to keep up, I take classes and workshops all the time. 


Contrary to popular belief, I do have some.  I love rubber stamping, I’m a fan of gaming, and I’m a collector. Honestly, Secondlife has quickly engulfed all of my other interests. 

My faves:

  • Books – historical and biblical fiction
  • Music – Gospel (contemporary) and R&P
  • Food – all of it? I love ethnic foods, but in all honesty “Cheese” was my first word
  • TV – Star Trek, Procedurals, HGTV and Food Network
  • Movies – Musicals, Sci-Fi and Adventure
  • Color – Blue (to wear) and deep reds for decorating       

Pet Peeves:

People who insist on being cheery in the morning.  I am a night owl, and I don’t like mornings.  I don’t think people should try to force others to smile and be nice first thing in the morning – some of us need time to adjust to being awake during the day.  If you want me to smile then come back after 9:00am. Just remember it’s best not to poke the bear…

People who insist on talking to me when they can see that I’m busy.  This happens a lot when I am on my way into or out of a building.  Folks seem to think that just because they see me that I have time to talk.  If I am on my way somewhere and you stop me – generally that means that I am going to be late.  Now why would you want to make me late?

My name.  I’m really picky about how people address me.  Call me “Dr. Ruth”.  That’s what I prefer.

5 thoughts on “About Ruth

  1. Ruth–rough around the edges? No way! You are always there in a heart beat for us when we need help or are sinking fast. How many times have I had to reach up and grab the life line you’re throwing down to me? It’s people like you that make this world a better place!

  2. Hello, I just wanted to tell you that you’ve been awesome to us at Victory and I really appreciate you helping to create the blog. Not to mention, all the other technical support I get from you…Thanks

  3. New Yawkers, rough around the edges? Are we, really? I just read your blog and enjoyed every minute. You’re the bomb when it comes to helpin’ this ole lady get teched-up!
    Thanks for everything!
    Lyn <

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