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What a great turn-out for Promethean Jumpstart training at Victory today! I’m hoping that I have as great a turn out at Brighton’s Jumpstart. Of course we had the folks who were new to the software or needed a refresher.  I was surprised that we also had a few other folks wander in.  Kudos to Ms. Mitchell for being such a good sport when I made her make all of those shapes.  And “yes” Ms. Mapp-Jonathan, we will show primary software at our next session.  In fact I’d like to start Promethean Club on the 20th, so mark your calendars – we’ll look at student response devices (Activotes and Expressions) as well.

I know some folks are still having difficulty adjusting to the new gradebook.  Keep an eye on our school division help page – I think we’ll be getting some videos up there shortly.

I wanted to share two websites with you today.  They are from the Teacher’s First featured site list for this week.  First grade teachers who will be teaching Math 1.5 around the 2nd week of November (week 10) could use “Make 5” at their computer center.  Third grade math teachers will be teaching multiplication around the same time should also consider using it.  The object is to recall math facts until you get 5 in a row.  It’s very cute!  Second grade teachers will be teaching habitats in March.  Write this website on your calendars so that you don’t forget it: Create an animal ocean  also, remember that Sheppard software activities work really well with a projector or Interactive Whiteboard, so consider using your projection device and the front of your classroom for a workstation when using the website.


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  1. I enjoyed your post. I had not heard of Sheppard Software before. I reposted on my blog and gave you the credit, of course! Thank you for you continued effort to help teachers integrate technology and for making some of what you do available to others via your blog.

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