Everyone’s back

Time to Learn!

Wow, the first day back…what a day.  I know that I’m tired, but that’s got to be nothing compared to those actually in the classroom.  Lots of changes this year – staff and administrative.  Things are looking quite good at Victory.  I’ll be able to see more about Brighton when I get over there next week.  Spent a bit of time troubleshooting today – everything from Promethean board settings to the new Gradebook. I actually had the opportunity to do a bit of training. Tthat was surprising, but made me really glad.  I did 1 – on – 1 with Ms. Mapp-Jonathan.  She’s working hard in that Early up room.  Using eBooks on the first day!  I did some Wiki training for our Lesson Plan repository wiki.  Since the whole administrative team is new, they needed some quick instructions.  The Encore team joined us and I think everyone got what they needed.

I wanted to take a moment to share a resource with you that I found while purging my inbox today.  Here’s a checklist for teaching with technology.  What I like about the checklist is the thought process that it leads you through as you look into trying new technologies.  Let’s endeavor to make good choices on use of technology.  We should look for authentic ways to use it.  Not just creating projects to check the box labeled technology on our professional development requirements.  If you have questions about the checklist or want to bounce an idea off me, let me know.

Promethean training will be held in Ms. Hamill’s room on Thursday after school.  Feel free to join us if you need a refresher.  Good to see you all back and in such great spirits.

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