Monday Mixup #1

Monday Mixup #1

I had the feeling that I needed to do something a little different to reach out to teachers, so I thought I would start “Monday Mixup”.  I’ve been thinking about it for quite some time, so this morning I figured – no better time than the present!!  I’m not quite sure what the “mixup” will be about yet…but I figure that’s ok since the word “mixup” implies variety.  So think of it as a virtual variety show.  Today we’ll talk about Teacher’s First and their OK2ASK Sessions.

Teacher’s First ( is a searchable website of lesson resources and websites.  Each resource in their database has been reviewed by an educator and has ideas for classroom use.  In addition, they have a section on their website that looks at “hot topics” and explains them and their classroom application in very friendly terms.  They offer thematic pages where you can find ideas grouped by topics such as holidays, first day of school etc. Also, Teacher’s First offers professional development free webinars for interested folks.

Several people have told me that it is difficult for them to attend the Tech Tuesday sessions that are required.  So I’ll share what I’ve told a few folks about the OK2ASK sessions given by Teachers First.  They have a session tonite that doesn’t require registration: Great Ideas – this session helps you learn to use their site in order to get ideas for technology integrated lessons.  There is also a session on November 16th that requires advance registration.  The session: “Hands Off, Vanna” is a great session for anyone using the ActivInspire software with a Promethean Board or a Slate. 

The Ok2ASK sessions can be used to fulfill Tech Tuesday requirements.  Just make sure you fully participate and get a certificate.  There is a full schedule of sessions that they offer every 2-4 weeks during the year at:  These sessions are online, and as long as you have access to a computer on the internet, you will have no problem attending the session.

If you have questions about Teacher’s First or want to get a group together to watch a webinar together, let me know.

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