Look what we did!!

I’m smiling as I write this at the end of a very long day.  I was just looking a the Habitat Voicethreads that second grade started today. The classes used KidPix to create a picture that was representative of a habitat and then we loaded them into Voicethread so that they could elaborate on what they knew about habitats.

Take a look: Habitat Voicethreads

We’ll probably need to finish them after the break, but I was so proud of them that I wanted to share…

Oh… you know Kindergarten would be mad if I didn’t share their Voicethreads.  Ms. Mapp-Jonathan and Ms. Miller  worked on an alphabet review a couple of weeks ago.   Their kids took most of the pictures using Hamilton classroom cameras.  They plan to take the cameras with them on the upcoming field trip…maybe we’ll do a retelling using Voicethreads.

There are a lot of ways to use Voicethreads in the classroom.  If you are interested in doing a project, or want some ideas, just let me know.

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