21Things Post #9

This item is about RSS in education.  I read the article :  https://randysresources.wikispaces.com/file/view/RSS.pdf   I think all teachers might be able to use RSS for a variety of ways to save time.  Thinking of specific teachers that I have worked with…

  • Debbie Daniels back when her kids had individual blogs  might have been interested in using RSS to keep up with what they were writing if the tool she was using didn’t make it easy for her.  Fortunately, she was using classblogmeister at the time and that service makes it easy to check your kids blog posts.
  • Another one of my teachers – Vikki Parrish – is very interested in in technology applications.  I don’t know if she is currently using Web 2.0 for professional development…I’ll need to check.  She would intuitively understand the use of RSS.
  • One other teacher Victoria Mapp uses technology personally – she is a newshound.  I’ll need to check and see if she is using RSS.

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