If you sent it, I got it…

I don’t know how many times in the last week someone has asked me “Did you get my email?”  Most of you know I spend close to 12 hours a day at a computer (10 hours at work and a few hours at home).  I check my PPS email several times a day.  If you’ve sent an email to me and enough time has passed for you to wonder if I have received it… chances are I have already responded.   

Email is an automatic service.  Unless there is a severe network failure or crash, I will receive any email sent to me on the PPS network within 2-3 minutes.  While PPS only requires staff members to check email daily, as a member of IT, I check much more frequently.  As a matter of fact, I am more likely to email someone than I am to call.   

So check your email before you ask if I’ve received yours…’cause the question might really be “Did you read my response?”

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