Co-Teaching can be fun!

I had the opportunity to co-teach and had just an absolute fun time.  I think the kids did too – they told Mrs. Taxson to give me a sticker!  Co-teaching is one of the fun parts of my job.  I get to plan with a teacher to see what they are doing in their class.  I typically weave in a resource or piece of equipment that I would like to introduce to the teacher.  Then I get to play!  If you would like me to come to your class to teach a lesson, let me know.  Send me an email; I would love to do it!  The process is easy:

  • I get a request from a teacher asking about a specific lesson.
  • I come up with some ideas and present them to the teacher.  
  • The teacher and I teach the lesson together (I usually lead and the teacher helps to manage the student behavior).
  • I touch base after the lesson to see what the teacher needs in terms of follow-up.  

Co-teaching works best when I am given accurate information about what the needs are for a class.  Once I met with a teacher who wanted me to work with her.  I agreed because she didn’t tend to use technology.  We came up with an idea and I put together the lesson plan and worksheets for the kids, and made all of the copies.  When I got to the class the students had not done the activity that the lesson was based on and the teacher informed me that the class had other plans for the next few days.  So while we started the lesson, I doubt the students will finish it.

I’m going to teach in Ms. Pollock’s room next week.  We’ll use interactive websites, United Streaming, my wireless desk set, and interactive text boxes in PowerPoint to do a little study on motion.  I can’t wait!

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