MCPS Users group

I wasn’t sure about starting an MCPS Users group at Brighton…even though I knew it was a good idea.  I know you guys are awfully busy, but without periodic checks we’ll never get all of the MCPS folks in the building to finish the portfolios.  Things will get left to the last minute and then Brighton won’t be eligible for additional equipment.  I was pleasantly surprised to have 7 of the 11 MCPS teachers show up.  Here’s a reminder that the group is open to every teacher in the building.  You’ll be able to do anything that we discuss with a data projector borrowed from the library.  Any other equipment we’ll discuss will be available for checkout also – either from me or from the library.

Kensington KeyboardSo this month our topics were – the portfolios and wireless keyboards.  Personally, I love my wireless keyboard set.  It’s a little different from the one the MCPS teachers have.  I’ve got a mouse.  I love using the set with my K and 1 classes so I can slip in a little bit of basic computing.  Everyone agreed to come back next month with additional ideas for using the wireless keyboard.  We talked a little bit about the strategies suggested in this article .  I also had some handouts about the strategies suggested – interactive text boxes in PowerPoint and fill in/drop down boxes in word.  The article also talks about using the comment feature in word…I’ve never used that instructionally myself, so I hope someone asks about it, so I’ll have an excuse to try it.  

I’m a bit behind in my professional reading, but imagine my surprise when I read Sheryl
Nussbaum Beach’s latest post on professional learning communities at .  This kind of group (the MCPS group) is a hallmark of effective professional development!! So I guess it was the right move.  I look forward to next month’s meeting.  Hope to see more of you there. 

You folks at Victory, don’t worry.  I’ll be starting a similar group for you in the second semester (once the construction is over and we have all of our equipment).

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