What’s Happening Now in Summer 2020?

Since the school closure due to COVID-19, I have been busy using my technology skills. Not being able to see my students that I monitor, I have had to use email, phone calls and text messages more with the parents, students and teachers. I also had to schedule IEP meetings using Zoom. All were successful!

I have participated in several Webinars:

  • Teaching Special Education Online During COVID-19 (CEC)
  • Kahoot: Distance Learning: How to Make Math Awesome with Kahoot and All Subjects
  • Kahoot: Distance Learning 101 with Kahoot
  • Virtual Virginia: Supporting Instruction Through Video Lessons
  • Virtual Virginia: Teaching Online with Virtual Virginia Digital Content
  • DEN Ambassador Cohort
  • NTACT and WINTAC: Strategies and Resources for Students with Complex Support Needs in Distance Learning Environments
  • Khan Academy Best Practices for Supporting Students in Special Education
  • How to Co-Teach Online Meeting Special Needs During School Shut Down
  • SimpleK12
    • 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Google Classroom
    • Using Zoom Video Conferencing Tools for Student Engagement
    • Don’t Forget About Me: Tips for Designing Online Learning for IEP Students
  • How to Get Google Certified?
  • Google Tips and Tricks –VSTE Brainstorm 2020: Limited Learning is Live!
  • Do It Yourself Assistive Technology at Home (TTAC) TechKnowledgy
  • Game Changing Assistive Technology! With Microsoft Learning Tools
  • FBA & BIP Training
  • Kahoot Summit

I applied and was selected to teach during our Virtual Summer School Camp 2020. I am looking forward to co-teaching with many of our elementary teachers in the areas of math and reading. I am also going to participate in CodeVA courses: Computer Science Foundations and Coding with Python as well as a special education course called Inclusive Education Through Co-Teaching and Specially Designed Instruction. I am going to be very busy this summer. I am up to the challenge!

Thanks for reading my post and I am planning on posting more frequently.


Computational Thinking (CT)

What is computational thinking?

Computational thinking is about looking in a way that computer can help us to solve it. This is a two-step process:

  • First we think about the steps needed to solve a problem.
  • Then, we use our technical skills to get the computer working on the problem.

The information above is from Barefoot (https://barefootcas.org.uk/barefoot-primary-computing-resources/concepts/computational-thinking/).


CAS Barefoot - Supported by BT


I am taking a course through ISTE U. I am learning more about computational thinking.

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Cold War for Dummies

The students were given a project to complete called Cold War for Dummies. The students are suppose to create a slide presentation in their Google account. The project is based on the “For Dummies” books. They were asked to write a brief explanation of the event or topic and add at least one appropriate image for each slide. When the students explain each events/topics, they should use a narrative form as if they are telling a story to someone who knows nothing about the Cold War.

The events/topics are

  1. Title and name
  2. Summary of the Cold War
  3. Europe after WWII, focus on the division of Germany and failure of the Allies to get along with the Soviet Union.
  4. Marshall Plan and Truman Doctrine
  5. United Nations
  6. NATO and the WARSAW Pact
  7. Nuclear Arms Race
  8. The Korean War
  9. The Vietnam War (How it started, why the US got involved, Domino Theory)
  10. The Vietnam War (America’s response to the war)
  11. Outcome of the Vietnam War, Vietnamization
  12. Communist Cuba, Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis
  13. The Red Scare, fear of nuclear war, drills (Duck and Cover)
  14. Communist spies, McCarthyism
  15. Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower
  16. John F. Kennedy
  17. Lyndon Johnson
  18. Richard Nixon (Watergate and resignation)
  19. Ronald Reagan, challenging the Soviet Union
  20. End of the Cold War and George H.W. Bush

I am looking forward to seeing the students’ finished projects.


A lot has happened since my last post both personally and professionally. I am currently working as a special education teacher at Woodrow Wilson High School. I started working as a self-contained teacher teaching basic English, Math, daily/independent living skills. My third year at Wilson High, they asked me to teach self-contained World History I, VA/US Government, VA/US History and Basic Math Skills. It was very challenging; however, I survived. Now I am going on my fifth year at Wilson and I am working with two wonderful VA/US History teachers in an inclusion setting.

At first, I was very depressed about being assigned to special education again after being a Technology Resource Teacher for 8 years and I was extremely anxious and nervous about being assigned to high school. I had worked in elementary for 20 years (12 years as a special education teacher and 8 years as a Technology Resource Teacher).

The most exciting experience that I have had since working at Wilson was watching two of my students that I had in Kindergarten graduate from high school. One graduated in June, 2015 and the other in June, 2016.

Now that I am in a better state of mind, I will try to post more.

From: TechnologyNutt.

It’s Great to be Back!

ActivVirginia Conference a Big Success!


Last Saturday on March 10, 2012, Portsmouth Public Schools’ Office of Instructional Technology and Media Services hosted the 2012 Promethean ActivVirginia East Conference. It was a BIG success! We had around 300 participants.

Brian and I did a session on the new Technology Enhanced Items (TEI). The name of the session was “Get the Students Activ and Ready for the New TEIs”. We show the participants how to create their own TEIs using the ActivInspire software. Hints for TEI Flipcharts has the directions on how to create Hot Spots, Short Responses, Drag and Drop and Graphs. We gave the participants a copy of the hand out and the link to Brian’s Blog.

What’s New In 2012?

It has been a very long time since I have added a post. There have been lots of wonderful things that have been happening at my schools. Lakeview had major renovations over the summer last year. New walls, new ceilings with new lights, new air conditioning and heating system, and new cabinets and counters in every rooms except the sixth grade classes. Administrators, teachers and staff had to pack everything in special boxes and label their things. All computers, COWs, printers, etc… had to go into a special storage container designated for technology. All of the Promethean Boards, data projectors and other MCPS equipment had to be taken down and stored safely somewhere.

After returning in August, renovations were still taking place.  The Promethean Boards did not get put back together until  the first week of October and the teachers that have Multimedia Classroom Projection Systems (MCPS) were unable to use the equipment until February 2012.


The Portsmouth Public School System implemented a new program in all of the elementary schools called “Early Up”. This program is for students in first and second grade that are struggling academically. Each room has a Promethean Interactive Whiteboard and a Letters Alive materials. On February 29 and March 1st the Early Up teachers and Reading Specialist received training on a Waterford Early Learning program. The TRTs assigned to the elementary school were also trained.


New Directions was moved to another building this school year. The week of March 12-16, 2012, New Directions has a new teacher. I enjoy working with all of the faculty and staff members at all three schools that I am assigned to. (Hodges Manor, Lakeview and New Directions)




VSTE Conference 2010: Bringing IT Together

Welcome to  the VSTE Conference 2010 Central Site!


12:30-1:30     Share Powerful Assessments with Digital Portfolios

Share Powerful Assessments with Digital Portfolios
Tech4Learning -Portfolios make classroom learning accessible to parents and administrators, providing
a window into student learning. With Share, students can create portfolios that are highly representative
of a varied body of work, capturing performances and reflections through text, voice, and video and
sharing through HTML, Flash®, and Interactive PDF files.
Presenter: Leala Rivera -Tech4Learning (sloomis@tech4learning.com)
Session Format: Concurrent -1 Hour
Audience: General/All
Sunday -12:30 pm-1:30 pm in Room 106




iPod touch

I picked up my iPod touch today from the OITMS department. I am looking forward to learning more about how to use it in the classroom. This is where my Plurk friends can help.  I love to check on my Plurk friends on a regular basis. Because of my Plurking, I was able to attend this USTREAM with Dean Mantz and Kevin Honeycutt. Kevin Honeycutt was the guest as Dean Mantz talked about iPads/Touchs/cell phones with pre-service students.

Welcome to our LiveBinder of iPod Touch & iPad resources for preK-12 educators
Learning with Kevin Honeycutt

Education App Smackdown Students enrolled in TnC 356 at Sterling College provide an app they feel can be used within their curriculum.

I am so THANKFUL for my PLN!