USII Enhanced Scope and Sequence

USII Review Cards:

March Madness:

Research Sheets:


USII People Sort:


Historyspace Template

Abe Lincoln’s Historyspace Example

Slideshare Profile for Powerpoints

Powerpoint Palooza:

USII Foldables Intro


USII.2 flyswatter board

USII.2 flyswatter questions

USII.2 I have who has cards

USII.2 I have who has key


USII.3 flyswatter board

USII.3 flyswatter questions

USII.3 i have cards

USII.3 i have key

3b Political Machines Activity:


USII.4 Flyswatter board

USII.4 flyswatter questions

USII.4 I have cards

USII.4 I have key (This blog will NOT open at school, but I would encourage your students to check it out at home.  They are letters from a WWI soldier being posted by his great-grandson 90 years to the day they were written.)


USII.5 Flyswatter board

USII.5 Flyswatter questions

USII.5 I have cards

USII.5 i have key


USII.6 i have cards

USII.6 i have key

USII.6 i have vocabulary cards

USII.6 i have vocabulary key


USII.7 I have cards

USII.7 I have key


USII.8 i have cards

USII.8 i have key


USII.9 i have cards

USII.9 i have key

5 thoughts on “USII

  1. Hi Lisa ~

    What a great workshop!!! Thanks to everyone for coming! Please leave some feedback on your experiences!!

    Thanks everyone ~

    Sarah and Lisa

  2. Sarah and Lisa,
    Thanks for an outstanding workshop, you are fabulous! I can’t believe the amount of work you have put into this all totally awesome -to quote the kids! I am so excited to practice your ideas.
    Lisa, a quick question for you from the first room where the lady didn’t show- you mentiontioned IRN notetaking CD which is all I wrote down. Do I need to take their workshop to get it, or did you order it/ find it on line?
    I’m embarrassed to ask for anything else-but was curious as it, too, sounded interesting.
    Thanks again for all your ideas I have been teaching this curriculum for 5 years and needed to freshen my approach! Sharon

  3. Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for your comment and coming to our workshop! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    As for the IRN, I belive you can just order the CD and have the option to set up workshops. The teachers that I see use it have a CD and a binder, and some of them have been to the workshop. I believe the website is

    Thanks again and have a great year!


  4. The “Fun”damentals session at the Virginia Social Studies Conference in Richmond was awesome. It was by far the best session there! I enjoyed and gained a lot from it! Both ladies were very informative and showed how to make social studies fun with lots of games and foldables!

  5. Hi Emily,

    Thank you so much for your comment. Sarah and I are glad you enjoyed the session. I hope your students enjoy the activities we presented. Please let us know!

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