USI Pacing:

6th grade pacing 10-11

USI Foldables:

Powerpoints  for all SOL’s:

Powerpoint Palooza:


Historyspace Template

Abe Lincoln’s Historyspace Example

Famous people stick figure:

Famous people stick figure


2b chart

2b regions matching

2b geographic regions map

2c fill in the blank chart

2 flyswatter board

2 flyswatter questions


3a quickwrite

3 flyswatter board

3 flyswatter questions


4a regions explored foldable

4ab matching chart

4b chart

4 flyswatter board

4 flyswatter questions

4 i have cards

4 i have key


5b chart

5d organizer

5 flyswatter board

5 flyswatter questions

5b matching

5 i have cards

5 i have key


6a organizer

6a graphic organizer

6b organizer

6c layer book

6cd organizer

6 flyswatter board

6 flyswatter questions

6 i have cards

6 i have key (Music video set to “Apologize” about the reasons for colonial independence)


7 flyswatter board

7 flyswatter questions

7 i have cards

7 i have key


8d organizer

8 quickwrite

8 flyswatter board

8 flyswatter questions

8 I have cards

8 i have key


9a causes of the civil war chart

9b compromises chart

9f effects of civil war venn diagram

9 a thru f review worksheet

9 flyswatter board

9 flyswatter questions

9 i have who has cards

9 i have who has key

Civil War Blank Map

SOL Review (multiple SOL’s):

USI Review Cards:

USI Suggested Activities:

Revolutionary vs. Civil War Room Sort:

Everything You Need to Know for USI:

USI What Am I? Review:

USI Who Am I? Review:

Four Corners:

March Madness:

Research sheets:




10 thoughts on “USI

  1. hey! I attended the annual social studies conference a few weekends ago, and wanted to know how to show these powerpoints so they are larger!?! Thanks!

  2. Hi Melissa,

    If you go to the Slideshare site, there is an option to download the powerpoints there. Then you can save it to your desktop or jump drive and show it full screen. The Slideshare icon in the bottom righthand of the powerpoints should take you right to my profile where all of my powerpoints are stored. If that isn’t working (and sometimes it acts up) there is a link to my profile towards the top of each page on the blog. Thanks!

  3. Thank you so much for the wonderful resources! I’m so torn between celebrating a free vacation and wondering how I’m going to do SOL prep with one less week of teaching. With your help, I may just manage!

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