Geography Idea

Since most everyone starts the year off with geography, here’s a site where students can create their own airline tickets.

 airline ticket

Brian McKee, a TRT who works with John Tyler, Churchland Elementary, and Brighton had a few suggestions for questions to go along with the activity.  Each student could have their own airline ticket with a destination city, and then using a bulletin board with a map(s) they could answer the following questions: 

  • Here’s your “airline” ticket…go to the bulletin board and find your city (geography)
  • What continent is your plane flying to?
  • Writing activity:  Imagine that this is your real airline ticket.  Write in your journal about what you would take with you on the plane
  • Find the longitude and latitude of your city
  • What famous person is from your city?
  • What (SOL event) happened in your city?
  • What region of the U.S. is your city in?
  • Math:  How many miles is it to your destination?  Kilometers?

It could be used throughout the year as you move through the SOL’s, if you assign students destination cities such as Boston, Saratoga, Vicksburg, etc.

Radio WillowWeb

  Here’s a link to a school in Nebraska where students podcast.  There are several social studies podcasts on the colonies, Revolutionary War, and the Constitution.  There are podcasts for other subjects as well.  Most of them are about 11 or 12 minutes long and contain different segments.  Segments include background information, vocabulary, poetry on the topic, biographies, and interesting web sites for students.  Check it out!