Photo Slideshows

I uploaded two powerpoints to my Slideshare account.  (  One contains photos of Williamsburg and Jamestown, the other one contains photos of Yorktown.  I took these pictures during the Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute a couple of years ago.  I know it’s not timed very appropriately, but you can download the powerpoints and save them for review.  There is a brief descriptor in the notes section of the powerpoint for each photo, telling you what the photo shows. 

Since the files are large, I can’t email these out.  I’m also not going to embed them in the blog, since I don’t want to slow it down.  But you can download them to your desktop or a jump drive.  Hope they’re useful!


I’ve had a few questions/problems lately with the powerpoints on the blog. may be a blocked site if you’re using a school computer.  A request was put in to unblock the site, although I’m not certain if this has been done yet.  I’m looking into it.

To download a powerpoint from the blog (so that you can make it full screen) you should only have to click on the Slideshare logo in the bottom righthand corner of the powerpoint.  That should take you to the Slideshare website where you can download the file.  I had problems with that this morning.  So what I have done is add the web address of my Slideshare profile, where all of the powerpoints are stored, to the blog.  If you click the link it will take you to the profile and you can click on the powerpoint you want and download the file.  I have added the link under all of the pages under a heading which reads “Slideshare Profile for Powerpoints.”  I’ll also post it here for quick access.

I’ll keep that address on the pages until the problem is fixed.  I hope it helps! 

Please let me know if you have anymore problems with the powerpoints or blog and I’ll do what I can to fix it.

Fourth Grade Powerpoints

I found a link for powerpoints for all 4th grade SOL’s created by a teacher in Salem.

I’ve also added the link to the 4th grade page, as well as to the Portaportal.  Since they are not my powerpoints though, I will not upload them onto the 4th grade page and will only provide the link.

If you save the powerpoints to your computer, you are able to alter them!

Another USI Review

I have just finished and added a “What Am I?” review to the USI page.  It covers the major concepts, documents, territories, events, etc.  It’s a pretty long powerpoint (161 slides!) but  you could easily cover a few slides a day for a warm up.  All the concepts are mixed up, I wanted the kids to really have to stop and think about what they’ve learned this year.

Just like with the “Who Am I?” review, if I left anything out please let me know!