Jim Crow (and other) Podcasts

The Education Podcast Network has about 11 podcasts that discuss Jim Crow laws.  They are interviews with people who experienced the laws.  They are relatively short and would be a great way to incorporate some technology into your SS plans and allow your students to hear about Jim Crow laws from a primary source. 

The website also has a subject specific podcast list on the left sidebar.  There are many for SS that you may find interesting.  There are podcasts on the First Amendment, immigration, great speeches in American history, ancient civilizations, Williamsburg, economics, and many more.  Just make sure you listen to them once before playing them for your students…

Radio WillowWeb

  Here’s a link to a school in Nebraska where students podcast.  There are several social studies podcasts on the colonies, Revolutionary War, and the Constitution.  There are podcasts for other subjects as well.  Most of them are about 11 or 12 minutes long and contain different segments.  Segments include background information, vocabulary, poetry on the topic, biographies, and interesting web sites for students.  Check it out!