Lead Teacher and K-2 Workshop

Our January lead teacher meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 19th, at 4:15pm in Conference Room 1 at IRC.

On Wednesday, January 20th, there will be a K-2 Economics workshop with Ruth Cookson.  It will take place in the Little Theater at Wilson High School at 4:15pm.  Please RSVP to Mary West at 393-8555 or mary.west@pps.k12.va.us.  Ruth always has great workshops with lots of materials and great ideas.

1-3 Website update

I found a great site a couple of months ago for 2nd grade resouces. We unfortunately couldn’t access it for awhile because it began to ask for a login. Susan at Westhaven today let me know that the site is up and running again, and requires no log in. In addition, they are working on adding resources for 1st and 3rd grades. There are some resources for those grades already posted, although both those sections are listed as “in progress.”

This was an excellent site with lessons and activities for all subjects. The address is http://www.jalopespot.com/.  Please bookmark it (and maybe save/print the resources you’d like to use, just in case.)  So please check it out!

K-2 Giveaway

Sarah and I have a couple of  book to give away to a K-2 teacher in Portsmouth.  It’s called “We Are All Americans:  Understanding Diversity.”  The first two teachers to leave a comment will receive the books.  Don’t forget to leave me your name and school!

New Resources

I’ve added several new resources to the blog (thanks to Sarah.)  Under the VA Studies page, you’ll now find a powerpoint for VS.8.  For third grade, you’ll find a review section at the very bottom of the page with review cards for grades K-2, as well as a Repair History activity and a question and answer bank.  The K-2 review cards are also listed under the appropriate grade level on the K-2 page.