USII and Civics and Economics Materials

Now that second semester has begun, our Civics and Economics and US II teachers have made the switch to the new 2008 curriculum standards.  Therefore the materials on the blog on those pages are now obselete because they have not been revised to match new standards.  The USII and Civics and Economics pages will have all of their materials removed immediately to avoid any confusion and accidental use of old materials with the new standards.

Since Sarah and I now focus on grades K-6, we have unfortunately not been able to revise the USII and CE standards.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Interactive look inside the White House

Diana Davenport shared this interesting link with me.  It’s a virtual tour of the White House.  The site shows you a floor plan, with certain rooms highlighted, providing more information on that room.  Some rooms (such as the Oval Office) also offer a 360 degree panoramic of the room.  You can look at the main part of the building, as well as the East and West Wings.

PBS Teachers Vote 2008

Here is a great website put together by PBS.  It’s the PBS Teachers Vote 2008:  Access, Analyze, Act:  A Blueprint for 21st Century Civic Engagement. 

The site includes lots of free lesson plans for elementary and secondary, which are organized by topic (such as the campaign trail, political parties, Congress, etc) as well as interactive quizzes and games for students.  (There’s a political personality quiz, and a budget game as well as other web based tools.) 

You can also subscribe to podcasts or watch videos on the lastest issues so that you’ll be up to date.  Take a few minutes to check it out, there’s lots of great things you could use in your classroom.  Especially when the election is only about 43 days away!