Lincoln and Cleopatra

I hope everyone has been enjoying their Spring Break!  It’s flown by!

There have been a couple of noteworthy stories in the news over the past few days.  The first one concerns Abraham Lincoln.  (Thanks to Mrs. Willis at Park View for pointing this story out to me.) 

There is a scientist who wants to test a piece of the blood stained pillowcase from the Lincoln assassination to (hopefully) discover whether or not Lincoln was suffering from a rare cancer when he was assassinated.  The pillowcase is currently on display at a museum in Philadelphia, and museum officials are debating whether or not to allow the tests.

The second story discusses the potential discovery of Cleopatra and Mark Antony’s final resting place. A team of archaeologists is preparing to excavate new ground at an Egyptian temple, which is believed to hold the bodies of Cleopatra and Antony.  So far, coins bearing Cleopatra’s image, an alabaster bust of the queen, and a mask believing to have belonged to Antony have been discovered at the site.