Lead Teacher Meeting Notes

A few reminders from yesterday’s meeting~

  • Send your Hampton Roads Naval Museum schedules to Sarah ASAP
  • The second nine weeks benchmark will cover materials from weeks 10-18
  • Review cards were handed out for grades 6.  Please get these to your teachers right away.  You should have received 30 or 35, teachers may want to make extra copies/color coded copies.

Lead Teacher Meeting Notes

We covered several important things at our lead teacher meeting this past Monday. 

  • Please get the teaching schedules for ALL of the Social Studies teachers in your building and send those to Sarah and me as soon as possible!  We need them so that we can plan our visits as efficiently as possible.
  • The schedules for the Jamestown/Yorktown Foundation and the Hampton Roads Naval Museum visits were attached to your agenda.  We need the number of classes and teaching times for those grade levels.  Send the forms to Sarah at IRC or Lakeview.
  • Please make sure that you have accounted for all the materials you passed out at the beginning of this year!  You will be responsible for collecting those items at the end of the year and returning them to the Social Studies department. 

If you have any questions call/e-mail Sarah or me!

New Teacher Meeting Notes

Thanks to everyone who came to our new teacher meeting on Tuesday afternoon.  We were glad to see you!

Sarah covered the basics about the curriculum guide and enchanced scope and sequence.  She also covered all the materials you have available to you to teach SS.  (Things like Pandy, Famous Be’an dolls, THUNKS, the blog, and portaportal.)

For grades K-3, here is a list of all the famous Americans your students need to know:

K-3 Famous People

For everyone, here is the link for the test blueprints:


If you have any questions please let us know!

First week of school plans

Here are the websites for the lesson plans that Sarah and I talked about at today’s in-service.

A Celebration Timeline:


My Piece of History: 


Technology Components for Marzano Strategies:


History of the Olympics: 


The Olympics: 



Photo:  Bob Martin, Sports Illustrated

19 February 2008 Lead Teacher Meeting Notes

We discussed a couple important things at yesterday’s lead teacher meeting.  First, Sarah and I will NOT be doing the Traveling Trunks activity.  Please discard that schedule.  We are not doing this activity because we have received a grant from the Jamestown Yorktown Foundation, and they will visit our 4th grade again this year.  Sarah has already sent out a schedule to the lead teachers.  This needs to be back to her by March 7th, 2008. 

 We also handed out a list of upcoming Social Studies in-services.  They should be posted/handed out to you, but you can also access the professional development schedule here:


Please make sure you RSVP to Mrs. West so that we have enough copies for everyone. 

3rd and 6th grade teachers please remember that the Hampton Roads Naval Museum visits will begin in the next few weeks.  Please let your principals/office staff know you will have someone in the building!

We also mentioned the Williamsburg summer opportunity.  You should have received a handout with some information and the website where you can apply.